Hi! I’m Zak, and I’d be happy to connect. Feel free to send me an email or reach out on one of the below social platforms.


I have always had a fascination with technology and figuring out how things work. That lead me down the route of software development, which eventually grew into a focus on data analytics and applications.

Today, I lead the Tableau CoE in one of the largest companies in the world. Every day, my team and I focus on delivering vital and easy to use products, training, and processes to make our users data journey as best as it can be.

In my spare time, I have an undying passion for video games, a love for classical music (and heavy metal) and enjoy peace and quiet (when possible). I married my best friend and we have an amazing little boy who has stolen both our hearts.

Ultimately, I hope to turn my love for data into a website that can do its part in helping others to learn and be inspired with data.

Zak Geis